Finding Faith: Free Audio Book!

The audio release of Finding Faith did quite well in its first week, and it has garnered some very positive comments. No surprise considering the high quality of the narrative performance by the uber-talented Carolyn Nicely and her sound producer and partner, Daniel Hunter (see more about them on their website, Follow the Song).

Finding Faith is a timely suspense novel about human trafficking and what unshakable faith can accomplish in even the worse situations. For a limited time, I’m giving away free copies of the audio book through Audible.com to the first ten people who email me via author@jonguenther.com. Just place Free Audio Book in the subject line and I’ll send a link with an access code and instructions for getting your free book.

All I ask in return is that when you’ve listened to the book you will leave a review on Amazon.com or Goodreads.com and tell others what you thought. So get it now, a $20 value—free!


Geek Into Space—Sort Of

I know it’s not the same thing as a real trip into space, but since I’ve never been able to achieve my dream of becoming an astronaut or “to boldly go where no one has gone before” it’s the next best thing. So yes, here it is: your chance to get on the flight with me. NASA is sponsoring free virtual boarding passes on the Orion EFT-1 flight, with a launch window scheduled around Dec. 4-6. So sign up now; it’s free! http://mars.nasa.gov/participate/send-your-name/orion-first-flight/

What Happened Here?

I wish I knew. I’m a professional software engineer by day, and even I can’t figure out what happened. Somehow, my site content management system lost its mind and I couldn’t change themes or do anything. I was forced to start over, which really stings since I’d put a lot of work into my site. Oh well, easy come, easy go. Right? So please be patient while I revamp and I’ll have things back up and running as quickly as possible. Domo arigato!

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